10 of the world’s most beautiful stained-glass windows

Wonderful stained-glass windows

Famous Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are common in areas of religion and are exquisitely made and easily mystical. The vibrant windows can be seen in a variety of religious buildings, from entrancing mosques to contemporary cathedrals, while being frequently linked with Gothic churches.

Below, we explore some of the most incredible and well-known stained – glass windows from throughout the world, ranging from modern works of art to mediaeval treasures. Every stunning sculpture has the power to turn an ordinary location into a sublime tapestry of colour, despite the fact that they all differ greatly in size and design.

Learn about ten well-known stained – glass windows from throughout the globe.

Churches of Paris: Sainte-Chapelle

The magnificent Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, known as the “diamond of the Rayonnant Medieval era,” was constructed in the 1300s by King Louis IX. Sainte-Chapelle is notable for its series of 15 windows, which were originally designed to house priceless artefacts. Each colossal window is almost 50 ft and shows a glittering rendering of a historical event in gem-like colors and amazing detail. The mediaeval church is praised for its rose window’s intricate tracery and kaleidoscope colours in contrast to such vertical beauties.

Famous Stained Glass WindowsFamous Stained Glass WindowsChartres Cathedral

The Church is around 50 kilometres away from Paris. This 13th-century building, which is regarded as the “peak place of French Medieval architecture,” was erected on the place of an earlier cathedral that had burned to the ground. 167 elaborate stained-glass windows were one of the features added to the cathedral during its rebuilding, and most of them are still in place today.

Rose WIndow at Chartres CathedralYork Minster Cathedral

The York Minster, also called as the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York, is a stunning 15th-century church that was finished in 1472. It has an amazing assortment of stained – glass windows, some of which is older than the 12th century. The Great East Window is the feature that stands out the most. This sculpture, which was made by John Thornton and is the greatest area of mediaeval stained – glass windows in England, form of web television from the Book of Revelation.

Cambridge Kings College Chapel-5

In the King’s College of the University of Cambridge, a stunning Medieval church was built in the late 15th and early 16th century. King’s College Chapel is renowned for its wealth of narrative windows, in contrast to its captivating fan vaulting and a picture by Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens. The exquisite panes’ imagery, which combines royal and religious themes, exemplifies the gothic Style period’s artistic developments in England.

Famous Stained Glass WindowsFamous Stained Glass Windows

In Shiraz, Iran, a magnificent specimen of Islamic architecture may be seen in the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, built in the late nineteenth century. The “Pink Mosque” provides worshippers a sunlit spectacle each day at sunrise: as the daytime light shines through the glass panels, it brings to light the interior’s pink tiles and shaped Persian carpet with a captivating arrangement of vibrant colours. The “Pink Mosque” has a façade embellished with a row of decorative stained – glass windows.

Famous Stained Glass WindowsFamous Stained Glass WindowsSagrada Familia

La Sagrada Famlia is one of Barcelona’s most well-known attractions. It was built in the late late nineteenth century and was built by modernisme artist Antoni Gaud. The ever-expanding cathedral is renowned for its spectacular stained – glass windows in addition to its fanciful towers and captivating mosaics. The multicoloured windows, which come in a variety of shapes and colour palettes, capture the “expressivity and majesty” of Gaud’s design, adding to the already striking interior design of the cathedral.

Sagrada FamiliaSagrada FamiliaMatisse Chapel, Vence

The Rosary Chapel was created by contemporary artist Henri Matisse and constructed between 1943 and 1949 in Vence, a picturesque hamlet in southeast France. The modest church has stunning windows that are evocative of the artist’s well-known collection of cut-outs, in contrast to a simple tower and mosaic ornamentation. Good colour combinations and aggressive shapes are present within every piece, which when the sun illuminates them, give a transcendent twist to Matisse’s well-known minimalist style.

A21c Matisse chapel, VenceIMGP0344Famous Stained Glass Windows

Zurich, Switzerland’s Grossmunster is a Protestant church from the 11th century. The cathedral was built in the Romanesque architectural style, which is distinguished by its high walls and consequently narrow windows, but it also features stunning stained glass. These magnificent windows, some of which feature remarkable works by Pop Art legend Sigmar Polke, were installed in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Zurich (6 of 23)Stained Glass Windows

The lavish Palau de la Msica Catalana opera house in Barcelona, Spain, was created by conceptual artist Llus Domènech I Montaner and finished in 1908. The auditorium’s Antoni Rigalt-created stained – glass windows skylight, which is meant to mimic a blue sky with a sun in the centre, is the work’s finest achievement. The Palau de la Msica Catalana is the only music venue in Europe that receives natural daylight during the afternoon due to its enormous size and transparency.

Palau de la Musica CatalanFamous Stained Glass Windows

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, there is a non-religious structure called The Chapel of Thanksgiving. The site was created in 1976 with the intention of “promot[ing] the idea of expressing gratitude as a fundamental, human good.” The magnificent stained – glass windows spiral those twists toward the sky in the modern chapel honours this concept. It appears to have changed colour as it does so.

Famous Stained Glass Windows

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