20 lucky pets who were adopted by celebrities straight from shelters

Animals were adopted by celebrities

Any animal has the right to anticipate having a family, a clean bowl, and a comfortable bed.

Getting cuddly animals from animal shelters is a highly admirable act.

Additionally, it serves as a model for others.

Keep it up, famous men—examples like this are crucial!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dutch became buddies last year.

Dodger is Chris Evans’ dog.

Ryan Reynolds took in Baxter after being abandoned.

Charlize Theron’s favorite dog is named Johnny Utah.

Lucho, a dog that Eva Mendes adopted from a shelter

The leader of the pack is Hilary Swank! Karu, Rumi, Lucky, and Kai are present.

Kuma is taken care of by Justin Theroux.

Inside Taylor Swift’s home is Benjamin.

Clyde the feline companion of Jennifer Aniston

Bagel serves as an influence for musician Moby.

Zelda and Dot are two of Zooey Deschanel’s favorite toys.

What other human could Ed Sheeran have than a ginger cat? It is called Calippo.

Winnie’s presence enhances Selena Gomez’s life

Fran the puppy and Saoirse Ronan

Barium and Miguel share a home.

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