A cat holding the hand of his humans during his final visit to the vet

A heartbreaking photo

A cat was seen gripping its humans’ hands as they traveled to the clinic in a heartbreaking photo posted a few weeks ago by Reddit user abernha3. Little Andrew the cat joined the family on their most recent excursion to the vet.

The picture appears to show the terminally ill cat and his family traveling together for the last time while holding hands. Little Andrew was a gray cat with golden eyes who lived with his family all of his life.

“He gripped our hands during his last trip to the veterinarian. According to the comment by abernha3, which was posted alongside the photo, little Andrew was much stronger than myself and his mother.

He was 15 and a half and got along with everyone, but the year before had seen him age and get worse. He purred every single day of his life, so when he stopped, I knew it was time. Losing a friend is never enjoyable, he said.

Cat enthusiasts wrote more than 280 comments on the page, many of which included personal anecdotes about the loss of a feline companion. Others offered the man their sympathies.

One of them wrote, “It’s amazing how they realize when that last trip to the vet comes around.” Mina was content with her knowledge, as she was with hers.

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