A little lion cub slipped down a gully and continued to descend

A little lion cub

The female members of the lion family, their young, and the male lion himself make up the pride. His wives provide food for the pride and look after the cubs. Males rarely live past the age of ten and frequently engage in conflict with rivals over territory. And only a fifth of the kids survive because the male who prevailed in the pride conflict kills the descendants of his victorious forerunner.

However, there are still instances that show these powerful predators to be devoted parents who are equally capable of self-sacrifice as people. One of these tales was set in the vastness of Kenya’s national park.

Due to his insatiable curiosity, the lion cub was injured when it fell into a large ditch. He lacked the strength to scale the clay, sheer wall. He slowly and inexorably drifted to a depth of several metres while clinging with claws. Several of the kitten’s adult relatives simultaneously heard the kitten’s frantic cries.

In an attempt to assist the infant, three lionesses and two young lions even started to descend, but their weight caused the soft ground to give way. Only one female animal bravely persisted to descend to the terrified youngster while the other four abandoned this adventure and went back to solid ground.

How else could her willingness to put herself in danger be explained? It appears that this was the mother of the infant. Fortunately, the lioness’s agility and strength allowed her to grab the kid halfway down and pull her up. Whether the mother made the “advice” without being heard is unknown, but she licked him for a considerable amount of time either to comfort him or to clean him.

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