A young aardvark was discovered attached to the tires of a trucker’s car

A young aardvark

In Namibia, a trucker discovered a baby left behind in an aardvark. The kitten was found curled up in one of his truck tires, according to the tracker.

His first thought was to look for the mother of the child, but she was not to be found. The truck driver then hurried over to assist the infant personally.

He brought the infant to Dr. Erika, a local veterinarian who works at the ZURI Orphanage.

Despite just being three months old, E.T. was content and animated. He adapted to his new surroundings and way of life swiftly. The baby made friends with Spokie and Zarah, two dogs, who helped him get along with other people in the shelter. He was treated like a puppy by them.

The group of employees talked frequently. Together, they played on the playground and ate meals. E.T. began to believe that he was a dog while they were together because of the time they spent with the puppies.

The infant resided in the shelter for a total of five months. He was then returned to the fauna after that. But he keeps going back to his old house to see his caregivers and friends.

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