Beautiful high-relief sculpture shows mary of Nazareth in an emotional portrait

What an emotional portrait…

High Relief Sculpture by Dominik Wdoski

Dominik Wdowski, a Polish painter, makes delivered high artworks that protrude from a flat surface. One from his most current paintings shows a distraught Mary of Nazareth turning towards to the spectator as she knows she will bear Jesus Christ.

Wdowski worked with putty clay for more than 18 months to create the artwork Annuntiato (or Annunciation). He meticulously rendered the statue’s face, hair, and clothing using old techniques until she had a lifelike appearance. Some of her long hair is pushed against by the squashed round backdrop, while others fall down one half of her back. Mary’s large eyes, which are expertly sculpted to have an iris and pupil, are wide, and she frowns her thin eyebrows in a manner that suggests astonishment.

Olivia Hussey’s portrayal of Mary in Franco Zefirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth served as the inspiration for Wdowski’s Mary painting. While presenting the biblical narrative in 3 components, the designer aimed to preserve her appearance. Mary’s bust is enclosed in a necklace design that resembles a halo, maybe implying her sanctity.

Wdowski’s realistic artworks are on display at the Vlask art museum in Gent, Belgium, and you can join him on Insta to view his most recent creations.

Dominik Wdowski, a Polish designer, produced a stunning high-relief statue.

High Relief Sculpture by Dominik WdoskiHigh Relief Sculpture by Dominik Wdoski

The painting, Annuntiato, shows Mary of Nazareth as she discovers she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

High Relief Sculpture by Dominik Wdoski

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