Bertram’s journey, from abandoned puppy to internet celebrity

Bertram’s journey and a puppy

Social media has made it possible for us to see a lot of images of animals with unique features. The terrible thing is that not everyone appreciates originality, as was the case with our fluffy hero.

See this adorable Pomeranian? He’s adorable, yet the dog’s breeder gave him to a shelter.

He thought that because the puppy was too big and fluffy, no one would want to buy him.

The puppy did not remain without a loving home for very long, proving the breeder wrong over time. Bertram was his given name after Katie Grayson adopted him.

This adorable boy, who resembles a cuddly bear cub, has been the centre of attention at Katie’s art gallery. Some guests even came to just gaze upon him. The dog’s celebrity, however, did not stop there.

Bertram’s Instagram account was set up by Katie to showcase his beauty, and as a result, thousands of people have liked and commented on his images.

And that is what we mean by a happy ending: the “ugly duckling” was initially despised by his owner but later rose to fame on social media and is now adored by many.

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