Interesting nature: a terminal Nicobar pigeon conquers everyone with its bright colors

These birds have a brilliant plumage that gives them the appearance of rainbows.

We all know that Dodo died out, but there is still a chance to see the Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative of the famous Dodo!

Although these cute pigeons are associated with the extinct non -alleged birds of Mauritius, these two birds seem to have nothing in common.

The lack of natural predators in small islands explains their brilliant transfused wool. Because there is no need for camouflage to protect against predators.

Nicobar pigeons stand out among other pigeons with their bright, colorful plumage!

The Nicobar pigeon with its dark-blue-gray body, an iridescent blue upper part and copper-bronze coloring is considered one of the most beautiful pigeons. Their brilliant wool is complemented by sparkling collars and contrasting whitetails.

These cute birds live on the small island of Nicobar in India. They are also named after the island!

Unfortunately, the Nicobar pigeon, like Dodo, is on the verge of extinction. This magnificent ground bird is listed in the list of “disappearance” due to hunting, loss of habitat and importing to the islands of non-named predators, such as cats and rats.

Father God, you certainly created many beautiful and unusual birds. Of course, no one wants this magnificent pigeon to suffer the same fate as his cousin Dodo!

It seems that God painted him, having a rainbow on his body.

Father God, you undoubtedly created many beautiful and unusual birds.

Look at these absolutely amazing, magnificent and wonderful birds.

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