In a lovely video, a family of doe and fawns and a chipmunk are seen eating lunch together

What a lovely video

When it comes to strange friendships, the animal kingdom never ceases to astound us. Some tales, meanwhile, are simply impossible to accept. Fortunately, we have a cute film this time that resembles a scenario from a fairy tale!

In this endearing video, a juvenile chipmunk is seen dining with two lovely friends—a female and her chick—as though they were family. A strange image was captured by Deer Trail Company in a Minnesotan woodland.

A small chipmunk is seen snacking on a tray of nuts at the start of the short film. However, a baby fawn and his mother eventually make their way to the table, drawn by the aroma of the excellent food.

What follows plays out like a genuine Disney scene. As if they were a happy family, the three animals share a meal.

Sadly, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has declared that it is no longer permitted to purposefully leave food for wild animals, especially deer, so we won’t be able to enjoy such wonderful views in the future.

The Department of Natural Resources stated on its website that “bans on feeding and luring deer are in force throughout the state to prevent concentrations of wild deer in regions with a higher risk of disease.”

The DNR implemented these regulations as a preventative measure after deer in both wildlife and deer farms tested positive for chronic wilting.

However, we still have this truly remarkable video and a tonne of other ones that the Deer Trail has previously uploaded. Watch how these three endearing, unexpected buddies demonstrate the value of sharing!

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