In order to shelter 300 dogs from the storm, a nice man invited them into his house

The man sheltered 300 dogs

People were finding it difficult to survive the time after learning that Hurricane Delta was headed toward the Mexican resort town of Cancun.

But what if your family includes 300 dogs and other creatures, and each one of them is as desperate to be rescued? Ricardo Pimentel responded in the affirmative because he was unable to bear the thought of losing everything he owned.

He was determined to make room for all the creatures who had nowhere else to go since he also knew that Delta was on the way.

Pimentel, who founded Tierra de Animales, a refuge for wanderers, is much more than the typical animal lover. This Cancun native has devoted his time to helping these wonderful creatures who are without a home.

He looked after numerous animals, such as cows, pigs, donkeys, chickens, and so forth, for over ten years. More than 500 of them were present.

Pimentel had to stop and consider what to do when reports of a hurricane were starting to arrive. A stronger storm than a Category 4 hurricane was required to pause in front of a dog shelter.

Pimentel made an extraordinary decision as the event’s scheduled time drew near. The puppy was allowed to stay in his house.

The shelters they relied on, according to Pimentel, were still insufficient for such weather-related catastrophes, so they just wanted to share their home with all the dogs.

It was obviously a timing game. It was challenging to house such a vast number of creatures, though. Gathering the animals and putting them inside the house took Pimentel and his team a number of hours.

There were additional challenges, such as the need to bring some dogs into the house in a different way because they had not yet learned to walk on a leash. Some people were simply terrified, but ultimately everything went smoothly. They were all brought inside.

There was enough food in the house to feed everyone in an emergency. Because so many creatures were collected in one place, it was anticipated that the house would be a disaster, but that didn’t happen. Everyone worked well together.

On Facebook, Richard shared a video of the tranquility that prevailed there.

Pimentel is in charge of ensuring that all people of Tierra del Fuego are secure, despite the fact that there were severe gusts and the storm wasn’t at all benign.

The hurricane succeeded in its mission despite the best efforts of the individuals who erected the refuge. Their building was obliterated. Pimentel made the decision to construct a more durable shelter where the animals could live carefree using the donations.

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