It was like a piece of sky fell to the ground: a fluffy bird fascinates with its sky blue plumage

The mountain blue bird looks great in its sky blue outfit.

Many stylish women have amazing dresses in which they stand out, wherever they go, for example, this one with his sky blue plumage.

A mountain blue bird-one of those birds that corresponds to these characteristics, looks great in its sky blue outfit, but at the same time extremely sweet.

Their soothing blue plumage fascinates: darker on the wings and lighter on the lower body.

In females, unlike males, the head, chest, wings and tail are mainly gray-brown.

During the propagation of these birds, you can see in the West of the United States and Canada, warning many people about the approach of spring.

In summer, mountain blue birds eat a lot of insects and berries (such as Juniper berries, olive berries, elderberry berries, etc.).

During the reproduction season, you may be lucky enough to build a nest in your garden, and you can see how eggs hatch.

The nests of mountain blue birds are existing holes.

Thus, deforestation and detrimental agricultural activity reduce the number of places suitable for nesting.


The initiatives for the conservation, including the construction of the birdhouses, significantly softened the situation.

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