It’s like something out of a fairy tale that a resident of Holland displayed to the world her horse with a stunningly long mane!

A wonderfuul horse and a girl

These two already have a princess and a horse, or more specifically, a horse named Storm, therefore they don’t need a prince. And my God, she is really stunning! Of course, her owner, 24-year-old Naomi Becker, is stunning as well, but look at that mane! The haflinger is a small-framed dog with an incredibly attractive head that belongs to Storm’s breed. When they are young, their mane is often curly; after that, it becomes straight. Storm, on the other hand, is in the prime of her life, and her meter-long curls excite everyone in her vicinity!

Naomi Becker from Eindhoven, Netherlands, here. She is also perched on something quite lovely.

Storm is the name of this stunning Haflinger horse.

You shudder at the splendor of her mane.

Look at those curls, please!

Of course, Rapunzel and the horse have been compared more than 50 times (this is an unverified fact).

But can any fictitious woman match this beauty?

Over a meter long is the mane of Storm. It took six years to cultivate and maintain it.

These stunning women have already emerged as the stars of numerous photo projects.

And this is clear since you could gaze at them forever!

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