Moose has chunks of his brain missing, yet he’s still content

Wonderful  moose

In general, dogs with medical problems struggle to survive. Usually, when their owners decide they no longer want to care for them, they put them to sleep or leave them alone.

But every single species has the opportunity to live and to live in a family. Recently, one miracle canine was given such a chance.

In a pet shop, Moose the dog caught Jennifer Osborne’s attention since he stood out from the other dogs. He had a big smile and underbite. This resulted from the health problem he had from the beginning of his existence. Moose have a particular malformation. His brain is missing some of it.

She knew as soon as she saw him that Moose had to be his pet. Jennifer believed that he will soon be put to sleep as well.

She brought him to her house in order to give him safety. But she was completely aware of what the future’s route would entail. He needs far more attention than the others do.

He is currently dealing with ongoing seizures, which “impact the body and the brain” and “leave him foaming at the lips,” according to Jennifer.

They just had an MRI done, which revealed that Moose is missing their forehead and sinuses, but his missing brain tissue was actually a cyst.

Jennifer wrote on Instagram, “His brain in the front is squeezed in, but the rest of his brain is okay.” A dog with Moose’s problem has never been seen by his neurologist before.

She is making every effort to heal him, even though they might persist for the rest of his life. Moose is the happiest little dog, according to her.

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