Wood sculptures with several layers that capture the magic of fairytale forests
Wooden figures with several layers Jason Pancoast, an artist located in Oregon, creates shadow cubes and multilayer wooden paintings by hand that feature imaginative stories influenced by the
Layers of intricate patterns are featured in mesmerising laser-cut wood sculptures
Laser-cut wooden sculptures Gabriel Schama is a beam wood print artist from Oakland who makes captivating works with levels of complex spirals and surreal designs. Human silhouettes and
A woodworker creates a floating sculpture of a mug that is filled with “liquefied” colored pencils
A wonderful floating sculpture Bobby Duke, a woodworker and YouTube celebrity from Texas, specializing in hand-carved granite and wooden statues. Duke’s most recent invention is an optically deceptive
Woodworker converts fallen logs into cute forest creatures crawling from trees
Cute wooden animals Mori Kono, a Japanese woodcarver and environment enthusiast, carves intricate figures of forest creatures. The great artist, who is now based in Canada, works with
Making woodblock prints Like the Japanese masters: How to do it yourself
Amazing woodblock printings Inspired by the works of Japanese woodblock design artists like Hokusai? Or perhaps you’re just itching to get your hands dirty and use your creativity?
Inventive wooden bookcases imitate narrow back alleys in tokyo at night
Wonderful wooden bookcase Tokyo-based artist monde has invented a brand-new genre of artwork and architecture called bookcase dioramas. His wood inlays give otherwise plain bookcases a spectacular makeover
Artist creates colorful ceramic vases and bowls inspired by seasonal woodland beauty
Amazing ceramic bowls, vases…. Heesoo Lee, a ceramicist from Montana, hand-sculpts ceramic objects that resemble woods of vibrant aspens. Her design is motivated by grand woods. Vases, basins,
Luminous wood and resin rings provide a shining sight of the northern lights
Luminous wooden and plastic rings You’re sure to adore what you find at the My Contemporary Met Shop if you enjoy astro-statement objects. You may enjoy a selection
Jewelry made of wood and resin captures the stunning magic of the northern lights
Luminous wooden and plastic jewelry ArtfulResin is a brand of handcrafted wooden and plastic jewellery created by Tor Johansson and his spouse Tania that is influenced by the
Surfboards made of resin and wood display the crashing beauty of the ocean waves
Amazing surfboards made of wood and resin Hardwood and plastic work well together to create objects that are aesthetically beautiful. Whenever combined with the ghostly bending colours of