Photographer made friends with a special fox and captured special moments

A wonderful and special fox

Everybody knows that foxes are smart, attractive orange creatures. But the images taken by Canadian Sam Gaby will make you completely rethink your assumptions. The picks were made in the Canadian town of Twillingate, which is located in the area known as Newfoundland and Labrador to dogs.

In some miraculous way, Gaby was able to gain the trust of the animals and approach them up close to shoot images. Then what? Just look at the hues of one of the foxes. She is not at all orange.

Look at these gorgeous hues.

These hues on a fox are extremely uncommon in nature.

Her mate is also attractive; she has a tail and black paws.

Some foxes, according to biologists, lack the orange pigment that gives them their color.

The photographer was informed by townpeople that the couple is a brother and sister.


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