Snaggle, a sweet cat, adopts an abandoned baby bunny into her family

A sweet cat adopts an abandoned baby bunny

A young bunny’s chances of surviving on its own in the wild are slim.

This adorable, beautiful baby rabbit was abandoned a week ago.

It’s unfortunate, but we were certain he wouldn’t last on his own. The likelihood that it would last the entire season was quite slim.

This magnificent creature was blessed by fate. Fortunately, the bunny was adopted by another British family. Its name was Bubbles.

A cute cat named Snaggle takes in orphaned baby bunny as one of her own

Bubbles’ new mother was introduced to him after a while.

Knowing that his mother is not a bunny made him feel uncomfortable.

He didn’t feel depressed about it because he remembered that he did have a family.

Snaggle Puss the cat picked up Bubbles from the sofa when she saw him laying there and brought him to the rest of her kittens.

This little bunny realized the cat was his new mommy at that point.

For the cat and her family, it doesn’t really matter that Bublles is a bunny rather than a cat.

Everyone can fall in love with him since he is so charming.

The same way he does with her little kitties, the cat treated bunny.

A cute cat named Snaggle takes in orphaned baby bunny as one of her own

She was careful and gave him a hug just as tight as he gives her adorable pets.

Despite the stark differences between these two species, they got along fairly well.

The rabbit educates them about rabbit customs and learns more about its feline side every day.

She is now living her most contented life, surrounded by affection and cuddles.

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