Some kind of strange she is: this is how Lopez recently appeared in public and surprised fans

The appearance of Lopez in a rather untidy form caused a stir in the network.

For millions of fans, Jay Lopez has always remained an icon of female beauty, which stands out with its unique style, elegance and brightness.

Despite the fact that the legendary celebrity is already 53 years old, a charming woman is still regularly involved in sports and adheres to a healthy diet, as a result of which the cult star always manages to maintain herself in shape, and her body is impeccable and beautiful. The talented and bright performer regularly carefully cares for her skin, periodically resorting to leaving themselves.

The fact that the outstanding celebrity has never done plastic surgery literally deprives everyone’s speechlessly, since it is actually hard to believe that the unearthly and “unlucking” beauty of this incredible woman is natural.

Quite often, Lopez appears on the red carpet in rather frank, glamorous and attracting the attention of outfits, for example, in ultra-Mini or transparent dresses.

However, recently, the famous singer appeared in a rather untidy and strange image, putting on a white T -shirt, red oversize sportswear and ugg boots. It goes without saying that not everyone appreciated the image of a celebrity.

Many were more than sure that the cult star was simply in a hurry and she was all the same as putting on.

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