The dog found some abandoned kittens and adopted them as his own

A kind dog and kittens

Victoria from Maryland left for work three weeks ago to walk her dog Turbo. The woman heard a faint squeak as quickly as she left the house on a cold, damp morning.

After some looking, she located a small red kitten that was laying on the path. She grabbed him up in her hands, but Turbo the dog stumbled and raced over to an old leaf pile in the yard’s corner. Two more kittens were also resting there.

The kittens frequently froze and were damp. The cats were nowhere to be seen, and she appeared to have avoided the children for several hours. Additionally, the kittens appeared quite frail and required immediate medical care. Victoria took the day off from work and brought the kittens to the vet.

Victoria took the kittens home with her after the clinic and built them a cosy bed. There were 3 kittens, each of which had white patches on a light red background.

Turbo, the dog, started spinning as soon as he was close to the kittens because he wanted to help with their care.

The kittens had their eyes open and were already fairly animated.

These kittens immediately learned to appreciate Turbo’s constant presence by playing with the dog and taking naps next to her.

That doesn’t really shock Victoria. She said that Turbo is a therapy dog who takes part in animal therapy sessions. Lately, she and Turbo visited Down syndrome patients. With both people and kittens, Turbo is incredibly gentle and loving.

The dog always acts extremely gently so as not to frighten individuals who are already anxious, and the kittens follow the same pattern of behaviour.

Victoria is already seeking for the normal owners of the kittens because they are growing up so rapidly.

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