The unexpected display of happiness by black bear cubs finding apples

Bear cubs get excited finding apples

Here is a heartwarming example of a tender moment when bear cubs get excited finding a plentiful supply of apples under the tree in case you have trouble picturing how animals may express their feelings similarly to people.

These lovely creatures are known to enjoy fruits, especially apples. The kind team at the Kilham Bear Center then made the decision to cheer up their adorable youngsters by placing fruit under the tree. And when the cute creatures saw it, they were astounded by their response. They were genuinely happy and delighted. Even loud noises were made to convey their happiness and excitement.

Such a magnificent sight touched and surprised the workers. They recorded this on camera and uploaded it to the web. People immediately began posting various expressions of thanks and joy, and it quickly became viral.

These bear orphans were adorable and kind. For them to feel safe and appreciated, the sanctuary really needed to provide them something uplifting and encouraging. Everyone there did their best to make sure they were happy and comfortable, and they received excellent treatment.

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