This young man will astound you with his amazing display of frugal spending of his pocket money

A young man will astound you…

In the Philippines, there is a young man named Ken Amante who has a good heart. He has a deep affection for animals, and whenever he encounters a stray dog or cat, he constantly attempts to help.

Like all parents of teenagers, Ken receives daily pocket money from his parents for treats or entertainment. Ken, though, used them for various things and as stray animal food. He kept it a secret from everyone. But eventually, everything is revealed. The boy’s father started to follow him after developing suspicions that the cash in his son’s pocket was not being utilised as intended. He was shocked to learn the real situation.

Before feeding the animals, Ken first went to the market and purchased a rucksack full of food. The youngster fed some very ugly, scraggly, and malnourished dogs. The child even came up with names for the mother and her two puppies. They took the food supplied with gratitude.

Because Ken’s father was so moved by the entire incident, he snapped a number of pictures and uploaded them online. Users were moved by the young man’s act of generosity, and many started to give money so that Ken could purchase additional food for the animals.

After some time, sufficient funds were amassed for Ken to realise his ambition of opening a sanctuary for stray animals. It was the first centre of its kind in the area. By the way, the shelter is still in operation despite though this incident happened roughly five years ago. Even now, donations from kind people assist to fully feed the animals. The nursery’s operations are also managed by Ken’s parents, who rented the space where it is now situated.

At the shelter, roughly 100 animals have been saved in the last five years. Ken imagines opening more animal shelters in the future to save all the animals.

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