Touching scene: a sick man could not stand tears after a memorable visit of a beautiful horse

Horses give unconditional love, and he also needed love.

People often think about dogs when they think about emotional animals, but horses are also very affectionate animals, and there is even an equine therapy center.

Horses are also affectionate and loyal animals!

The therapeutic horse named Paçoca approaches a person in Brazil, trying to calm him down. The horse just puts his head on his chest and comforts!

When the horse is pressed to the man’s chest, you can see how he starts to cry!

This is the first time the horse behaves in this way in this institution!

Animals have a magical ability to heal our souls by unconditional love. This horse brought a lot of comfort to a person who was in despair and scared, because he fought with a terrible disease.

Horses give unconditional love, and he also needed it. Bless you both, what a precious moment!

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