Using inspiration from their childhood homes, a couple constructs a little mid-century modern home

A small mid-century modern home

Mini Modern House by AEK Miniatures

Most of us have had extra time to engage in our interests during shutdown, from baking to painting. However, wedded Leewood, Kansas residents Annie Kampfe and Cliff Donnelly have been especially active. Their own Mini Contemporary House, a multi-story dollhouse built in the design of their childhood residences, has been under construction.

Although the pair has experience in renovation and interior decorating, they have never created something of this magnitude. According to Kampfe, “I was influenced by a tiny needlepoint rug.” “I assumed it could be used as a pin cushion, but I was informed that it was really a rug for a doll house. As a professional interior decorator, it instantly stimulated my imagination, and I adored the concept of building an elegant doll house. Kampfe and Donnelly started construction on the incredible Mini Modern House in 2017, and it has now been completed for two and a half years.

The gigantic dollhouse, which has electrical conduits throughout and ten exquisitely decorated rooms, makes us wish we were little enough just to live there. I was interested by the prospect of being able to construct something that mirrored the design of the house I grew up in, explains Kampfe. I devoted a lot of effort to acquiring the ideal furnishings for the home.

Every room is filled with unique touches and mid-century contemporary appeal, from the floors and walls to the tiniest pieces of furniture and artwork. The living room has a little Charles Eames armchair, a small drinks cabinet, and a macramé wall hanging. There’s even a children room with a plush giraffe toy and a fishbowl with a fake pet goldfish within. The master bedroom has a historic fireplace, striped wallpaper, and a Hudson’s Bay blanket. A wash room with a modest washer, dryer, and even a sewing machine was also added by Kampfe and Donnelly in the basement.

See more images on the AEK Miniatures Insta and take a look at the Mini Contemporary House down below.

This magnificent Mini Contemporary House took two and a half years for Annie Kampfe and Cliff Donnelly to complete.


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The wonderful dollhouse is filled with charming mid-century contemporary elegance and unique and personal accents.

Mini Modern House by AEK MiniaturesMini Modern House by AEK MiniaturesMini Modern House by AEK Miniatures

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