What a cute scene: cute newborn bear cubs played with their mother until they reach the sea

Stunning photos of mothers and babies and they are completely charming.

She keeps them warm, good mom! Absolutely beautiful. Nature is amazing if humanity respected it more.

The small world of the White Bear and her two babies. It seems that nothing can separate them!

White bears are often considered kings of snow and ice with their single hunting and deadly slaps in the face. However, today we will see a completely different side of them.

Thank you very much, Canada is wild! This is extremely valuable. It is incredible how strong the mother-polar bear can be, but how gentle and sweet she happens with her kids.

Nevertheless, we hope that we can be more environmentally conscious to save these magnificent creatures.

We are sure that we would all prefer to see these charming pictures than desperate animals clinging to melting ice drifting in the ocean and hungfully calling for help …!

This should be one of the most beautiful videos with white bears. It’s so beautiful to watch:

Beautiful and very inspiring awe that these huge creatures can be so gentle and caring.

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