What a cute scene: especially wonderful the meeting between a deer and a little girl

What unites these two little friends is amazing.

There are always special relationships between children and animals; Maybe the holiness of children makes animals not be afraid and want to make friends with them!

In a short video, the Herring family packs its car after a walk on a canoe, when the deer stumbled upon their front yard and approaches their daughter Maya.

At first they both seemed timid, but a tiny deer became bolder and approached her, welcoming her with light touch. Maya quickly amused the cute actions of the deer, and she began to feel the nose and back of the deer!

They quickly become close friends, and Maya decides to show the faun all around!

They had a great time together until her mother reminded her that it was time to say goodbye and that her new little friend also had to go home to her mother, because she was already getting dark.

This cute meeting can become one of the most memorable memories!

Both are very curious, and the scene is truly amazing and tender. Their friendship is truly priceless!

Without a doubt, this left an indelible memory of this child.

God bless them, a lot of love Helen

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