When a man is reunited with the dog he had to give up when he lost his home, he sobs

A man and his dog

If you care about your dogs, you’ll do everything it takes to provide them the best life possible, even if it involves fostering them. That’s exactly what a Florida man did after experiencing financial difficulty and unluckily ending up homeless. Although Dakota was his companion, he was aware that a dog’s life on the streets was not a happy one. He made the sacrifice since he was no longer able to support her financially.

In the hopes that she would find a better life there, he left his young girl in the care of the Tampa Bay Humane Society shelter. This story may seem gloomy, but everything happened for a reason.

According to Dakota’s father, who provided a report to the Humane Society, in the brief time Dakota was at the shelter, he was able to better his life. In the hopes that Dakota was still there, he located a job and a house and called the shelter. He had certain preconceived notions that she had already been adopted, so when he saw that she was still there, he knew it was fate.

When a person can be reunited with their dogs, according to the Humane Society, it couldn’t have been more wonderful.

She yelled with delight and rushed herself into her father’s arms as they brought the dog home. The young man started crying because he was so overcome with happiness. The scene was quite emotional.

The pair captured their happiness in a snapshot of themselves.

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