Sculptures made of dynamic wood that look like pixelated glitches
Wonderful pixelated artworks Hsu Tung Han, an artist from Taiwan, is a specialist at fusing the old with the new. His modern wooden works are created using conventional
An off-the-grid woodworker’s paradise is created in a Nissan van
Nissan van includes all the tools that a woodworker needs Nissan has developed a mobile workshop that would be any artisan’s fantasy with the aid of UK-based design
Complexities of the human spirit are revealed in colorful pixelated wood sculptures
Colourful pixelated wooden sculptures Gil Bruvel, a painter, doesn’t limit himself to a single way of creating artwork. If Bruvel is drawing, carving, or producing practical artwork, his
Amazing “broken” furniture made by a woodworker that appears to belong in a cartoon
Wonderful so called “broken” furniture Henk Verhoeff, a true master, creates incredible woodworking pieces that give comics to reality. The sculptures have oversized cracks created in the middle
A former shipbuilder makes amazing wooden bathtubs that look like miniature vessels
Wonderful small bathtubs Nathie Katzoff, a craftsman, makes stunning hardwood baths using his experience in shipbuilding and renovation. He creates custom sculptures that resemble seagoing ships with the
Hand-embroidered bags by an artist include adorable woodland creatures and nature
Wonderful handmade bags Russian designer Alexandra Goltsova (of Mart Bag) creates lovely stitched handbags with flower themes and embroidered woodland animals as her inspiration. Goltsova’s cheery assortment of
Amazing ocean coast tables made of wood and resin look like living shores with moving tides
Seats made of wood and resin look like ocean cost In this collection of distinctive furnishings designed by designer Rivka Wilkins and carpenter Jared Davis, the sea touches
Unbelievable floating tables made by a woodworker will have you doubting everything
Incredible floating tables Many more of our houses have unwillingly transitioned over the recent months to serve as our workplace, classroom, lobby, and play area. It makes sense
Musician playing harp in the woods is greeted by deer like character from a fairy tale
 A musician and a deer   Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram   Публикация от Naomi SV (@_naomisv_) Due to their reputation for timidity, deer are not frequently seen
VW’s iconic “Hippie Van” reimagined by metal artist as charming wood burning grill
Amazing metal device for grill The Volkswagen Type 2 (often referred to as a “Hippie Van”) will always serve as a metaphor for “peace and togetherness” in popular