20 hilarious animals that illustrate what it means to be a mother

 20 hilarious animals that illustrate what it means to be a mother

20 amazing animal mothers

Along with the happy lisping with your child, motherhood also involves sleepless nights, frequent diaper changes, feedings, and a complete lack of time for oneself. All of these things add to the stress that already exists for mothers.

Despite the fact that being a mother is a great experience that more than rewards all the sacrifices, it is not without its drawbacks. What the „other side“ of parenthood looks like is brilliantly captured in these hilarious animal pictures.

Zoe is ecstatic to become a mother!

Every mother’s life is like this.

Mama cat was so exhausted that she dozed off lying against the wall.

Where am I?

Spent some time resting

Occupy cat

Daddy cat preferred to be alone himself in the sink. But now that he has children, all of that is in the past.

This is not what I had anticipated.

With what?

It appears that the mother is about to become irate.

That realization that you don’t want children but it’s too late

„The look on my cat’s face is wonderful after she recently gave birth to kittens.“

Resembles a real mother

God, grant me courage.

Go back now!

„My cat gave birth to a baby. She probably doesn’t like it too much.

How worn out I am

No longer able to hang on

F — weary