What a sweet results: this cute beautiful innocent elephant is looking for this girl’s trunk

Any animal in childhood is simply charming.

This poor elephant was taken to the Indian Center for Rehabilitation of wild animals after falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation and was thrown by its herd.

Despite the fact that the elephant was very upset after it was lost, he quickly recovered under the supervision of the reserve employees and became happy again!

The elephant is currently in a reserve with other elephants, amusing and hugging every visitor, and visitors also adore this sweet and pleasant creature!

Babies of elephants love to spend time, discovering new things around themselves!

The elephant uses his trunk to find out why the girl’s “proboscis” is much shorter than its long trunk. Despite the lack of a trunk, the elephant continues to rush about its long nose in search of the trunk!

Despite the mischievous interest of the elephant, the girl seemed to have a fun time while he was looking for a “trunk”.

The elephant can believe that the girl is an elephant of an unusual shape!

Everyone fell in love with this cute elephant thanks to this daring action! Amazing God’s creatures !!!

Imagine the honor of being next to elephants and especially babies. They are amazing creatures.

See the wonderful moment here:

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