Old and forgotten trees are transformed into incredible works of art by an Italian artist

Forgotten trees are transformed into wonderful works of art

Giuseppe Penone is an Italian sculptor who has spent years using his thought-provoking artworks and art installations to investigate the interaction between humans and the natural world. To illustrate the relationship, he frequently does this by fusing portions of himself with objects in nature, such as trees. Penone stated in a 1968 essay that “tactile awareness and human touch reveal the genuine depth of things.” “Creating a piece to fit an imagined picture in the head, without having a direct contact with the substance, isn’t fertile over time—it doesn’t generate many items.”

In 1968, he worked with a range of materials for a series titled Alpi Marittime (“Maritime Alps”), using wood, steel, and plaster. At this moment, he erected Continuerà a crescere tranne che in quel punto (“It Will Keep growing Except for at that Spot”), a metal cast of his hands in a tree in a nearby woodland. Penone used this method to let the tree grow all around his carved hand for several years before removing it in 2003. Penone remarked, “I listen the quiet, relentless growth of the wood and sense the woods moving. I breathe in harmony with the surrounding natural environment, sensing the movement of the tree surrounding my palm resting against the wood.

The artist’s work continues to feature a lot of trees and other environmental occurrences. 2013 saw the opening of one of Penone’s most significant exhibition at Versailles. He put up 20 artworks in the grounds there to interact with the surroundings. Le foglie delle radici (“The Leaves of Roots”), a statue of a tree with a real cedar seedling sprouting on top that he erected at the Fountain of Apollo, was one of them.

Giuseppe Penone, an Italian sculptor, placed a metal cast of his hands into a tree close to his Turin, Italy, house in 1968.


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He has been experimenting with the tactile sense through artworks that are influenced by environment for many years.


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