Japanese squirrels are arguably the prettiest and most adorable animals on earth

Cute Japanese squirrels

Japanese squirrels are incredibly adorable and attractive creatures. You stare at them for a few seconds, and an uncontrollable smile breaks out on your face.

The island of Kyushu in Japan is home to these fascinating creatures, but it’s not the only location you can see them; you can also find them in Siberia and even in some parts of Europe.

There are actually many different subspecies of these squirrels, but Japanese squirrels are by far the most adorable. These crumbs can be identified by their tiny, coal-like eyes and light-colored, fluffy wool.

Sometimes it seems as though these creatures were made for love and stunning pictures, but because to their hyperactivity, this activity becomes a genuine quest.

Since rodents are typically active at night, imprinting is also hampered.

Unlike other rodents, the Japanese squirrel does not hibernate, but it occasionally does so in the winter and stays asleep for about a week.

These young ones are sometimes referred to as “flying squirrels,” but they are not actually able to fly; instead, they appear to move by hopping from tree to tree with the assistance of leather membranes between their legs. If you have encountered these endearing creatures, it would be interesting to know.

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