A 12-year-old boy made a difficult decision by abandoning his pit bull puppy in a box outside a shelter with a heartfelt message

The boy put his pit bull puppy in a box outside a shelter with a heart-breaking message

At the shelter’s front entrance, a youngster gave his beloved, adorable puppy away in the knowledge that he would be safe.

He left a heartfelt statement there explaining his tough choice.

The incident took place in Michoacan City. The Refugio Xollin staff was shocked to see a box with a puppy inside when they arrived to start their daily workday in the morning.

They discovered a plush animal and a handwritten letter there. They brought the confused pit bull puppy, who was about 5 or 6 weeks old, inside without giving it a second’s thought. After reading the appalling note, they realized why the animal had been left there.

The note was written by Andrés, a 12-year-old child who was in a panic. He and his mom had to make the painful decision to leave their beloved pet at the shelter in the care of caring people.

He knew for sure that he would be safe there because he had never been threatened at home. The boy’s father really kicked their puppy so hard one time that the helpless little animal’s tail was injured.

They made the decision to hide the dog from his violent father because of what he had to offer. Andrés had faith that the personnel at the shelter could save his pet and take excellent care of him.

In order for the puppy to pay attention to him, he also removed a plush animal from the room.

Everyone at the protection was moved by this terrible letter, therefore the staff decided to post this tale on Fb.

They gave the puppy the name Rene and started looking for a good family for him so that he may live the peaceful life he so richly deserves.

For the first day of the post, the shield received more than 300 legitimate selection requests.

Consequently, it is hoped that Rene will soon find a forever lovely home and be welcomed by kind owners.

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