A beautiful elephant’s remarkable moment of gladness upon being free

A wonderful elephant is eventually free

Mia and Sita, the two sisters, had a challenging past. Their way of life was utterly miserable and intolerable for them. The two sad animals were made to entertain guests in the circus by pulling stunts. They endured great suffering and anguish for more than 50 years while being chained.

Thankfully, the Wildlife SOS was able to put a stop to their misery. The kind-hearted volunteers made every effort to rescue the unfortunate critters from that hostile environment. They were taken to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center so that they might live out the rest of their lives in peace.

The sisters were in poor health and had endured severe torment. It would take a lot of time to heal their body and soul because they were weak and worn out. However, the staff was working very hard to help them feel better and recuperate. They were severely wounded by the sadness, but they had the fortitude to move forward in spite of everything.

When they arrived at the centre for the first time, their excitement could not have been more incredible to witness. Sita was happy to take a bath, while Mia simply expressed her appreciation and satisfaction by taking a nap on the ground. The workers found it to be so stunning and moving that they were unable to control their tears. The wretched creature was appreciated for its freedom and opportunity to unwind. She was so prepared for this to happen.

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