A bystander picked up a street kitten and brought it home. He had no idea that it wasn’t even a cat

The man thought it is a cat, but actually it wasn’t even a cat

Early this week, a person in Minnesota noticed a cat meowing close to his automobile. As he began to scan the area, he discovered the striped kitten held in a lump close to the back tire.

The man proved to be really nice; he opted to assist the cat after realizing that it was in grave danger on the street near the automobiles. He took it home with him after picking it up. At the time, he had no idea that it wasn’t even an average cat, so he chose to retain the kitten.

According to Tami Vogel, director of the Minnesota Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, “He did get suspicious that it wasn’t a cat, but some other animal, a little while later. He began calling various organizations asking for help and advice and soon came across us, and then he came and gave us the kitten.”

It was the first bobcat cub this year for the center. Indeed, it was shown to be a bobcat.

Nobody has reported seeing a mom bobcat in the neighborhood, so we are unsure of what occurred there. We can only assume that the mom was dragging the kittens until something startled her and she fled (perhaps automobiles). The mom was then unable or unwilling to return for it.

The staff at the facility typically makes an effort to return the kitten as soon as possible to the location where it was found because there is a good chance that its mom will be seeking for it there.

«If you spot a wild creature or its cub someplace, stay away from it, do not try to feed it, and if it does not appear to need medical assistance, do not approach it. Contacting groups that aid wild animals is only necessary if you discover it in the same location the following day.

The baby was unable to be brought back to its original place. He was discovered in a dangerous area with heavy traffic. Since the infant was healthy but dehydrated, the facility decided to keep it and let it go.

She will stay with us for a few days till his condition improves. After that, we will hand him off to those responsible for bobcat rehabilitation. This tiny boy will undoubtedly resurface in the wild at some point.

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