A cat alerted its owners and prevented carbon monoxide poisoning for them

A car rescued his owner from poisoning

A cat in Florida alerted the couple that their home was filled with carbon monoxide, saving the pair’s lives.

Carbon monoxide is a flavorless and odorless gas that is extremely deadly. It results from burning and is also present in automobile exhaust.

Paul and Leona Jones, a married couple, are from Deltona, Florida. One day, after visiting the grocery store, they were on their way home when they realized they had forgotten to switch off the engine. The garage was initially completely filled with carbon monoxide from the car, which then moved throughout the home through the vents and into the apartments.

Without a cat named Bella, the couple would not have awakened the following morning after going to bed.

Bella began to shiver and meow loudly. She then raced into the couple’s bedroom and screamed more loudly. Paul was awakened by these noises, and as soon as he realized something wasn’t right, he roused Leona.

She was already weak from gas poisoning and it took her some effort to wake up. It turned out that the car had been parked in the garage for at least eight hours with the engine running.

Paul explains, “I simply didn’t see that the engine was on, so I didn’t hit the proper button.”

Firefighters found the source of the carbon monoxide in the garage and then brought both spouses to the hospital after Paul immediately started dialing 911.

Firefighters claim that when they came, the man’s situation was dire.

Paul was on the verge of death. Paul had it worse than I did; he was so ill that he nearly passed away,» adds Leona.

The Jones pair is doing great, though they still experience muscle wasting and forgetfulness. They express gratitude to their cat for saving their life and have posted a large notice warning people to make sure the automobile is turned off in their garage.

The gas had no negative effects on the cat.

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