A chimpanzee was photographed performing CPR

An amazing chimpanzee

Photographer William Steele saw something that was actually unusual: a chimpanzee giving the other one cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Although the artist has spent a lot of time documenting nature, this scene was genuinely one of a kind for him. Steele was shooting at the Gaborone Nature Reserve in Botswana when the incident happened.

Unexpectedly, a female primate collapsed after falling from a tree branch. She didn’t appear to be conscious at all. Her cousin came running to aid her right away. He began attempting what seemed to be CPR. William didn’t pass up the chance to capture the event in good detail. In the pictures, her relative can be seen using his claws to squeeze her chest.

He then held her head in his paws and began blowing air into her mouth. We are all in awe of what is happening, including the artist. William became aware of the fact that because they look out for one another, monkeys are able to develop strong bonds with one another. According to the photographer, monkeys frequently wash each other’s wounds in Botswana. However, this was a first-time occurrence.

The photographer continues, “These are wonderful and incredibly odd photographs.”

Gorillas and chimpanzees also have a feeling of nepotism, which was recently documented by photographers.

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