A collection of images demonstrating how everyone needs a dog

A collection of amazing images

A man’s best friend is his dog! Every dog is a loving, obedient, and gentle helper, a playmate, and a trustworthy shoulder in any circumstance. In times of hardship and illness, the dog will still be there, and for them, you are always the leader. Here are a few snapshots of daily life:

By alerting my mother to my brother’s choking in his sleep, I was able to save his life.

The dog takes care of the ill child.

Sick Wife Support Organization

52 individuals were saved by Frida during the Mexico earthquake.

Bring a bottle or glass of water!

A true friend and a helper

The finest nanny

He came to help when I became ill.

Boy with autism could only get an MRI with a friend.

He seems to have been anticipating him his entire life. The dog has never left him since the baby arrived.

She delivered the puppy to her parents before departing for a while. then we parted ways.

Juno and Lucas are always paired up.

My favourite analgesic!

The dog brought the son’s forgotten backpack.

The dog warmed him with his body and saved him from death

Nanny is on the alert!

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