A cow and a pit bull make friends after escaping nightmare homes

A cow and a pit bull are good friends

A cow and a pit bull coexist peacefully at the Ohio Sunrise Sanctuary like old friends. Wesley is a large cow who, despite her enormous size, has a lot of love to give, according to Janet Bland of Sunrise Sanctuary. She likes giving and receiving hugs and kisses. She loves it when her best friend Chance kisses her.

In November 2009, a 9-year-old pit bull named Chance was rescued.

when Mindy Mallett, the founder of the refuge, embarked on a rescue attempt to wrest two turkeys from a farm. She approached one of the calves that Mindy said were held in hutches.

Mindy was given a little kiss by the calf while it was suckling on her fingers, and she knew she had to protect it. There was also Baby Wesley.

When Mindy convinced the farmer to let her take Wesley to the refuge, the rest of the narrative began.

When Chance was just six weeks old, his first owner purchased him at a flea market. According to Mindy, Chance’s father allegedly kept him locked up in a bathroom 24 hours a day due to his “antics.”

She suggested taking care of him in the shelter.

Chance’s playmate the cow evolved as he grew older. Because they had both lost their mothers when they were young, their paths eventually crossed.

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