A cute puppy looked for a home for nine years

A cute puppy

However, having no family extends to both humans and animals. Finding a loving home may take years rather than just a few months for some of them. One of the dogs that way was named Janice. She has spent the most of her nine years at the Columbiana County Dog Pound. The staff at the shelter did their hardest to match him with a family, but up until lately they had utterly failed.

The shelter said earlier this month, “We were so hoping that this girl would have been in a family by now.”

The staff members of the shelter stated in their Facebook posts that Janice has been a resident there the longest and that it aches her heart whenever people arrive but don’t take her with them when they depart. She has witnessed the adoption of her fellow pound dogs repeatedly, yet she is always passed over for some reason.

She eventually stopped being the kind of joyful, bouncing puppy that people would want to adopt and take home. Additionally, she struggled to get along with cats.

The staff at the shelter was likewise devastated. Why didn’t they stop to admire her lovely face instead of passing it by?

But in the end, Janice also succeeded in receiving a happy ending. Now that she has a family, she cherishes every moment spent with them.

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