A dog abandoned in the kennel was comforted by an animal shelter employee

A dog abandoned in the kennel

Helping animals in need and working at animal shelters are not simply jobs; they are a calling. And this video demonstrates that. After being discovered abandoned and without a friend in the world, this dog named Prissy was leading a miserable and lonely existence until lately, when her circumstances changed.

She was thankfully saved and taken to the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire, where she quickly discovered what it meant to be loved.

The shelter manager, Debra Cameron, was about to check on Prissy’s kennel to see how she was doing following her spay operation when she came into the cutest scenario.

Her coworker from Chrissy Ireland was there, lying down next to Prissy and cuddling the puppy.

Even though animal shelters may seem like the worst place an animal could possibly end up, some owners still think about giving up on their pets if they are unable to care for them.

But thanks to the compassionate hearts of shelter staff like Chrissy, children there at least have hope.

Debra says we offer a safe and compassionate environment. “Animal lovers believe that all shelters are dismal places and that anyone giving up an animal has done something bad. In fact, there are several lovely shelters spread out around the nation. Debra argues

Animals in their care are cared for by experienced, kind, and loving people who go above and beyond to ensure that they spend happy, healthy lives at the shelter until they find a new home.

While Debra is right that some shelters allow animals to live in peace while they look for a forever home, some shelters only provide animals a short window of opportunity to find a new home.

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