A dog drowing in an icy river was rescued in Estonia and turned out to be a wolf

A dog looked like a wolf

An animal was recently spotted floundering helplessly in the middle of the frigid river by employees at the Sindi Dam on the Pärnu River in Estonia.

It was unknown how the animal, which resembled a large dog, got there, but it was clear that it needed assistance.

A group of individuals worked together to reach the dog and pull it to land.

They covered the animal in a cloth since it appeared to be a giant mutt and because it was extremely chilly and wet.

They maintained to refer to the animal as a dog despite its enormous size and weight since it felt completely at ease in the automobile. The animal had to be lifted up the slope by many individuals.

During the trip, one of the rescuers paused for a little moment before realizing, after looking at the dog’s paws, that it was a dog. The recovered man, however, discounted those rumors due to his cool manner.

He was peacefully dozing off on my legs. He only shifted his head slightly as I took them up to alter his stance.

The veterinary clinic initially failed to discover anything unusual. However, a local hunter who was present confirmed that this was a legitimate wolf by crossing all the relevant boxes.

The wolf was discovered to be young—barely a year old—and in excellent health. He hadn’t experienced hypothermia.

The wolf may not have displayed hostility because of his low blood sugar levels when he visited the veterinarian, according to a spokesperson of the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA).

The wolf was equipped with a special collar with GPS and then put back into the wild after the veterinarians heated him up and inspected him.

The EUPA official added, “We are extremely delighted that this story has ended safely, and we would like to thank everybody concerned, particularly these folks who saved the wolf, and the doctors at the clinic who were not scared to treat and inspect the wild creature.”

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