A dog entered a police station and circled the building to report his owner missing

The dog reported his owner’s missing

The Odessa, Texas, Police Department received a surprising visitor a few days ago who burst through the door and leaped onto the desk.

The polite dog was ready to inform the authorities that someone had vanished from their house.

It was just him.

One of the police officers that met him was Sgt. Rusty Martin, who observed that the puppy didn’t appear very distressed about being a “lost dog.” In reality, all he really wanted was to have fun, and he did.

Martin recalled, “We were all delighted to see him in the building. We played a little bit of tennis ball chasing in the foyer. It was enjoyed by all.

Even though the dog’s surprise presence brought excitement, the people in charge did not ignore the problem she posed. This remedy, however, quickly ran into issues.

Although the dog was wearing a collar with a missing identification tag, Animal Control was called to check for a microchip.

But before they came, things had already altered.

After it was determined that the dog had been “missing” for a considerable amount of time, the dog appears to have returned to his family on his own.

Martin said that “he raced out as fast as he came in” in a Facebook post about the incident. The dog’s owner retorted that it was his dog and that he had returned home the following day. He resides a mile or so from the train station.

Martin was awestruck. He might be the person to do the task.

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