A dog patiently awaits the arrival of his master to become the new Hachiko

A new Hachiko

Numerous tales could contend for the title of “Modern day Hachiko.” However, this one is exceptional. His name, which is actually extremely adorable, is not Hachiko. Bon-Bon, his narrative actually took place in Thailand, not anywhere in New York.

The canine seemed to be a living statue. He didn’t budge from his position. In addition, he wasn’t in the finest of health. He was ill and didn’t get the attention he needed. He wouldn’t leave the road, and the only way the woman could get him to move was to pick him up firmly.

He eventually recovered. As Bon-Bon put on weight, his fur regained the sheen it had previously lost. Nevertheless, the dog escaped from the home of his saviour.

In an effort to find his owner again, he returned to the location where he had misplaced the truck.

His narrative moved the public, and they posted it along with a picture on Facebook.

A miracle happened. His previous owners were able to recognise him from the pictures.

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