A dog that has been missing for 15 days shows up at the funeral service to bid its owner farewell

A dog and its owner farewell

The people of Montemorelos, Mexico, were surprised by the dog’s dedication when its mistress, Doa Rosalba Quiroz, had to leave her property 15 days ago due to illness. The woman’s dog showed up at her burial after going missing.

Doa Rosalba was compelled to move live with relatives and leave her animals in their care because it came out that her health made it impossible for her to return to the ranch. El Sol claims that because the woman wasn’t on his land and he was 8 kilometres from the Municipal Center, Bayron Max departed the ranch, and no one heard from him.

Although we don’t generally allow animals inside, we did since the dog was barking and pawing at the door.

The worker went on to say:

The little creature was there; it came on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday. It walked around the area before laying down close to the casket and curling up to wail.

The dog, along with other farm animals, had been the woman’s constant companion on the ranch for many years. But because of her cancer, she recently had to leave her home and move in with her relatives. She simply returned home to feed the dog, who had been waiting for her eagerly.

She was eventually unable to do so since the disease would not leave her, so when her family went to look for the dog, he was no longer at the property. Bayron walked many kilometres to get to the chapel from the funeral home in the middle of Montemorelos.

The pet discovered the chapel out of instinct and out of loyalty to its owner, and it stayed there to say goodbye to the woman and be by her side until she was laid to rest.

Doa Rosalba’s family pushed Bayron Max closer to the coffin.

The undertaker stated:

We were all surprised by how the small animal came to say goodbye to its owner on its own initiative because we had never encountered a situation like this.

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