A dog took up a litter of abandoned kittens

A dog and small kittens

Georgia is the name of this beautiful puppy. Her life, sadly, was a struggle. She endured severe starvation while pregnant, living in a desert, and all of the pups were delivered dead. Her physical and mental health suffered as a result of all of that.

When she arrived to the animal care facility, the poor thing was so anxious that she kept breaking objects and nibbling the grate, which alarmed and alarmed the personnel.

Fortunately, when three little orphan kittens arrived at the shelter, her mood quickly improved. Nobody even knows who came up with the idea to save Georgia by giving the kittens to her.

After calming down and licking the infants, the dog began to feed them. She has been providing for them in every manner conceivable since that day.

Currently, two of the kittens have found new homes. Georgia and her final kitten are waiting in the new, loving home.

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