A dog was pulled from a flood while standing on his hind legs

A dog was pulled from a flood

During a flood in Tabasco, a rescue team from Mexico rescued a helpless labrador from a trap. Heavy rainfall at the time caused landslides, floods, and rivers to overflow their banks.

The dog first just wanted to swim, but as his power began to wane, he learned how to stand up on his rear legs and lean against the window behind him. The situation was both heartfelt and depressing. He was able to do this while he waited for help from the individuals who grabbed him up and carried him to their boat. A video was made of the moment he was saved. He is safe right now, and his life is not under danger. He was fed, dried, and taken care of.

You can see him reaching out his paw in the video below as he understands the man wants to assist him. The video has already received five million views.

Owners have not yet been located. Many folks were hurriedly escaping. He might have just gotten lost. The owners should show up shortly, let’s hope.

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