A fat, unattractive cat was transformed into a wonderful beauty

Ugly cat was transformed into wonderful one

The director of a private animal welfare organization, Carmen Weinberg, drove that day to a trailer park in West Palm Beach, Florida, where gangs of stray cats were frequently spotted.

«When I arrived there to deliver medication for one animal, I noticed a gray cat lying by the side of the roadway. It was sitting steady and motionless.

The woman pulled over next to the cat, stepped outside with a can of food in hand, and started calling the cat over to her. Finally, the cat stood up and started to walk toward Carmen.

It was a really unattractive cat with a frown, a massive swollen tummy, and thick scabies crusts on its muzzle and paws.

Carmen initially believed the cat was pregnant before realizing the pet had been sterilized. So either a disease or a lot of parasites were present to cause the enormous belly.

«I made the decision to bring this cat home with me as soon as I saw her situation. She was sick and frail, not fit to live outside.

The cat was given the name Angel by Carmen, who first posted about the find on Fb before starting to care for her.

Angel had worm balls inside of her and was coated in flea and tick bites. She received medication from Carmen, bathed, had fleas and ear mites removed, and was fed a substantial dinner.

The cat was placid and pleasant throughout the entire process, and it even tolerated the bathing extremely well.

The cat steadily healed, the scabies crusts vanished, the hair became smooth, and the eyes progressively became larger as the recovery phase started. Shortly after taking the worming medicines, the enormous belly vanished.

A month later, the cat had turned around and seemed to be very friendly and loving.

Following her rehabilitation, Angel moved in with volunteer Vera Brazeau in a short-term foster home before being put in the cat adoption section.

Angel will soon have a permanent residence, according to Carmen.

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