A funny puppy does not know what to do in the flight, and he decides to entertain passengers behind him

This cute golden retriever was delighted with his first flight.

Many of us have experienced how boring and long flights can be, especially in the economic class.

In fact, if you ever imagined that the flight on a dog’s plane would be different, guess again!

Huxley, a sweet golden retriever, was delighted with his first flight.

He was preparing to fly from London on Ibiza with his mother.

However, Garfield discovers pizza shortly after takeoff.

And guess what? He quickly realized how dull the flight.

Huxley, like any other bored traveler, began to hunt for things supporting the Christmas mood.

He moved next to the man in front of them, since his mother «was no longer worried about his happiness».

When Huxley heard his mother opened the diner, he immediately threw his new girlfriend and turned to her, begging the chips.

«When he saw how I chewed the chips, he instantly changed his tone», the woman explained.

The dog’s attempts to persuade his mother to share with him lunch led to rather funny situations.

Fortunately, Ursula decided to photograph her charming but funny companion.

Later, she uploaded photos to social networks, and, as expected, they quickly became viral.

Scroll down to see the first adventures of Huxley in flight.

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