A heartwarming scene of the elephant herd paying their leader their final respects

The elephant herd paying their leader their final respects

Elephants are reputed to be friendly and considerate creatures. They are gregarious beings who express their feelings in a distinctive way. Additionally, they are fiercely protective of their herd and young. Therefore, they show their emotions in a way that may be odd even for humans when one of their members passes away.

A touching incident involving elephants saying goodbye to their leader occurred in Sri Lanka. The strong elephant died during a brutal battle with a foe from another herd. And word of this enormous calamity spread to everyone. Most people were astonished to witness a group of elephants visiting their “captain” for a final time. Really, that was a tragic scene.

A group of over 300 animals were mourning their beloved chief. They did it as a long-lasting means of expressing their gratitude and affection for him.

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