A kennel worker intervened to prevent the slaughter of this humpbacked pit bull

A kennel worker and a humpbacked pit bull

A 6-year-old Humpbacked Pitbull named Cuda has acquired more than 21,000 Facebook followers and is well-known on social media. Only 17 dogs in the world have short spine syndrome, the condition Cuda has.

Julie LeRoy, 50, a native of Kingston, New York, and a former employee of Animal Control, is Cuda’s current owner. A family that was unable to adopt her had discovered the pit bull.

John uttered:

Then they asked if I wanted to see the pitbull puppy they had rescued after complaining to me on the phone. They couldn’t keep her, they told me.

Even though I knew it was against protocol to refuse to take her to the shelter where her sacrifice would take place, I was unable to bring her back.

You may say that I risked my job to save a puppy.

When Cuda is encountered, people are always drawn to her odd appearance.

Everyone’s reaction is overwhelmingly one of wonder because nobody has ever seen someone quite like her.

People who claim that Julie is preventing the dog from suffering in this situation are utterly unaware of the situation the pitbull is in. In actuality, Julie cares deeply for the priceless Cuda, always meets her wants, and is conscious of how content she is with her family.

People complain to me that I am treating her cruelly to keep her alive, that she is in excruciating pain, and that I am exploiting her as a prop for a circus act.

Julie LeRoy set up a page on Facebook for Cuda to showcase how unique and special she is.

Julie discovered all about short spine syndrome when she got in touch with the Italian owner of another dog who had Cuda the Humpbacked Pitbull’s illness.

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