A kind and caring act: a man saw a lonely pit bull which was pregnant and saved her

One man knew he wanted to adopt a pregnant dog mom from a shelter.

Their friendship is just amazing! When visiting an animal shelter, you can adopt a wide variety of animals. People are usually interested in younger, better known breeds, but this is not for everyone!

Older dogs and dogs with disabilities need just as much as other dogs! Not everyone’s life situation allows them to adopt a dog with special needs, but the possibilities are endless for the rare person with a big heart who goes to a shelter looking to adopt a dog with special needs . One man knew he wanted to adopt a pregnant dog mom from a shelter.

It is extremely difficult for pregnant dogs to find a home, primarily because people don’t want to deal with a litter of puppies right after they bring home a new dog! Josh just thought it would be “cool” to adopt a pregnant dog!

He knew that the moment when the cute dog was found homeless in his friend’s cottage was meant for him. She had never been in the house before and quickly adapted. She clearly had confidence in Josh and knew she was completely safe. He named her Kaya.

He bought her a birthing tub (a big pool with blankets inside) and would come home from work just to lie in it with her! Josh went out of his way to accommodate her every need as she approached her “big moment”.

She was acting more and more like she was about to give birth! Josh knew the time was coming when he started to hear some weird noises coming from her big old belly! She went into labor within a week. She started with one puppy and added one every hour throughout the night! As a result, she had six healthy puppies.

Soon it was time to find owners for all these puppies. They lived in the house for about 16 weeks, but it was time for Mom to take a break. All the puppies gradually left the house, only Josh and Kaya remained! All thanks to Josh, who decided to adopt a dog in need of special care!

Watch the video below!

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